Changing The Spirits World As We Know It


Louisville’s Holi Festival RETURNS!
Saturday, April 1, 2023
2 – 7 PM
A bottle of Holi Gin

Family, Friends, Fun, Festival

This is the motto on every bottle of Holi Gin. 

In India, there is a popular holiday often called by visitors, “The Festival of Color”, but to locals it has another name ‒ Holi. “The day celebrates life, happiness, and relationships old, new, and repaired,” said Kartik Kamat, “It was the perfect namesake.” 

It is the “Unconventional Gin for the Unconventional Generation” because it tastes unlike any other gin before it!

We blend our founder’s Kentucky upbringing with his Indian heritage. 

“When you come to my home, I won’t make you a chai like my mom, I will make you Holi Gin cocktail!” said Kartik. 

A refreshing lime cocktail made with Holi Gin

Inspired by our founder’s Indian heritage, this gin is spiced with masala chai, presenting an elegantly smooth experience. Holi brings cocktails to a deliciously unknown level, whether it lets mixologists artistry shine or gives a new take to a classic.

What People Are Saying

Great experience touring Holi Gin’s campus today! We got to spend time with Kartik, Michael, and the rest of the team, and they really treated us like friends. The campus is small but mighty! Such cool artwork, especially the mural on the outside of the building - great to take pictures in front of for a memory. We had a great time learning about the process of making gin and learning how to use their product in easy, but tasty, cocktails we could make ourselves! Can’t wait to take more friends back to experience the tour themselves!

Rose M

Loved! The tour was great but what really made it was the cocktail class! Loved my certificate and have it on my fridge now!!

Olivia T

My husband and I had a Tuesday Tour of Holi Gin. We had a marvelous experience! The staff is enthusiastic, professional, knowledgeable and fun! Holi Gin is an upcoming, creative distillery that will put Louisville on the map in the world of gin! You must take the tour and do the Holi Gin experience! Besides learning the distilling process we also got to create two cocktails! Delicious!

Alice A

Super friendly staff, nice facility, and the gin is literally like nothing you have ever had.

Michelle J

Got to take a tour of this facility and it was top notch from the beginning to the end. We got to see the distillation process, hear about the beginnings of the company, and even got to mix cocktails with a bartending specialist. Kartik and his crew really have a special thing going here. Would highly recommend Holi gin to anyone who likes gin or wants to try something truly unique!

Nick K

Distillery America’s premier spirit pairs gin botanical classics with rich chai spice. Holi Gin’s bold approachability elevates cocktail classics and inspires new favorites. Notes of warm vanilla and baking spice also position Holi as your new favorite sipping gin; we recommend on the rocks with a twist!