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Holi - Chai Gin



Family, Friends, Fun, Festival...The 4 F's bring an order to life and remind us to live in the moment and appreciate our blessings, including those around us. Holi, our chai spiced gin, is best when shared with those around you. 

Louisville handcrafted gin with traditional botanicals and juniper is given an untraditional twist. Inspired by our founder’s Indian heritage, this gin is spiced with masala chai, presenting an elegantly smooth experience. Holi brings cocktails to a deliciously unknown level, whether it lets mixologists artistry shine or gives a new take to a classic.



The MEANING behind the NAME

We wanted a name that brought meaning and purpose. Paying homage to the Indian culture, we decided on the name "Holi".


Holi is the Indian festival of color, celebrating life, happiness, good over evil, and relationships old / new / repaired.

We wanted our bottle to stand out and break the mold of the typical spirit. Utilizing the spirit of the Holi festival helped us with that goal. 


The STORY and the RECIPE

Kartik's family planted their roots here in Louisville 20 years ago in search of the American dream. He now considers himself a Kentucky boy, building his business here, marrying a Kentucky girl, Louisville is home. Kartik Kamat’s goal is to bring Kentucky to the world and the world to Kentucky. 

When you go to his parent’s home, Kartik’s mom will make you a cup of chai tea. India used its spices to innovating a tea with its spices, making chai an integral part of their culture. “Sharing a cup of chai with my mom is a sacred moment. It’s the same feeling as having a glass of bourbon with friends and family”. Kartik decided to mash it all together.  

Our Favorite Recipes

Bees Knees

  • 2oz Holi Gin
  • 1oz Runny Honey (2:1 Ratio Honey : Hot Water)
  • 1oz Fresh Lemon Juice

SuperSonic Gin & Tonic

  •  Muddle Lime and Cucumber
  • .75oz Elder-flower Liqueur
  • 1.25oz Holi Gin
  • Fill with Tonic Water

Dirty Chai Latte

  •  1:1:1 Ratio
  • Holi Gin
  • Coffee Liqueur
  • Coconut Milk

Where can I find Holi Gin?



Holi Festival Presented By Distillery America

2pm - 6pm

1110 Wilson Ave

Event Details


Holi Festival Presented By Distillery America

 It is time to #FeelTheFestival Louisville, because HOLI is here!

Holi, the festival of colors or the festival of love, welcomes Spring. It celebrates life, happiness, good over evil, and relationships old/new/and repaired.

- FREE HOLI SWAG!! (while supplies last)
- Live music Southern Sirens Music
- Specialty cocktails featuring Holi Gin
- Food trucks
Dakshin South Indian Restaurant Express Food Truck
FlavaVille Food Truck
- Henna by JessiKay Henna
- Outdoor games/activities
- ALL the color

Distillery America is open to the public. The building looks great and we are ready for visitors!


2pm - 6pm

1110 Wilson Ave